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Freelancer vs Agency, what's the right choice for you?

When looking at proposals and providers for websites, apps or digital marketing, it's important to understand that not all providers are the same. There is a big difference between an agency and a freelancer and it's important to understand the pro's and con's with each.

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Getting Orders Shipped with Magento2

In a world where shipping an order 'same day' is expected, how do you efficiently process your orders through a default Magento2 installation?

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Which CMS Should I Use?

Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer to this question. There are plenty of different Content Management Systems available and they all have their unique features, benefits & disadvantages.

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Is it important keep WordPress (and other platforms) up to date?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes but there are some things you should consider and do before updating your website.

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The pitfalls of offshore development

A full featured website with all of the bells & whistles for just $2,000 does sound like a great deal…but is it? If you have received a proposal similar to this then it’s very likely that the development will be completed by an offshore team.

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Why does my business need an App?

First up, when I say ‘an App’, I’m referring to a mobile app — you know, those applications we download from the iOS AppStore or Google Play store for our mobile devices? I’m not saying that your organisation 100% needs a mobile app. However it is worth considering the benefits one could provide.

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Enabling Flash

Have trouble uploading images or files into SiteHQ? It might be because Flash might be disabled. Here's how to check.

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3 Easy Tips for a Conversion Optimised Landing Page

Get some quick & easy tips to improve your landing page. We run through page focus, content selection & tools to use. Find out how these simple tips can help improve your conversion rate.

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