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3 Reasons to Consider Paid Facebook Ads

3 Reasons to Consider Paid Facebook Ads

Whether or not you are on the Zuckerberg bandwagon, a significant portion of your target audience is probably using Facebook. We're talking about a user base of almost 1.5 billion and over 20 billion ad clicks annually. If you're still wondering "Is Facebook advertising effective?", here are some reasons to consider using the service in your social media advertising, especially if you have an online store.

(1) Organic Activity Doesn't Necessarily Mean Results

The modern social media audience is savvy, discerning, and to be realistic, overwhelmed by content. It is no longer enough to have a good organic reach on social media, especially if your content isn't showing up in your target audience's newsfeeds (thanks, algorithms!). You need your ads to expand this reach, but you also need to ensure that they make it to the right people. Quality is better than quantity, after all. Facebook marketing allows you to hone in on the people you want and need to see your products and messages. You can target by location, age group, and other parameters for optimal effectiveness. You will reach people who would not otherwise land on your page.

(2) Facebook Ads Make Sense Economically

Advertising costs money - there are no "buts" about it. Dollar for dollar, however, it tends to be cheaper - sometimes significantly - when you advertise on Facebook. With Facebook Ads, you hear about people spending a few dollars a day and reaching hundreds - thousands, in some cases - of people. If you're on a tight budget, you can set Facebook Ad parameters so that you don't overspend.

(3) Remarketing Becomes Remarkable

Remarketing is a crucial strategy because you are targeting people who have previously hit your website - that is, you are preaching to the nearly converted (pun intended). They likely already have interest in what you are offering. All some of them may need is a little nudge in the right direction. Re-exposure just might be that final push. Facebook Ads Manager lets you set custom audiences so you can remarket to the audience who didn't convert the first time. Even more gleefully insidious, Facebook Ads has a "Lookalike Audiences" feature that will allow you to reach new people similar to your custom audience. If you found success with one group, you now have the ability to expand the numbers of that group.

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