Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Online Customer/Client Profiling
  • Online Brand Strategy
  • User Experience (UX) Research
  • Ideation, Channel & Campaign Planning
  • UX Mapping & Testing
  • Search Strategy (SEM & SEO)
  • Digital Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Accelerated
Business Growth 

"It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Pivotal Agency for close to a decade now. We value and trust their industry expertise, prompt technical support and consistency in project delivery - which has improved efficiencies and added value to our business. If they don’t know the answer to something they will always go that extra mile to find a solution".

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Without a digital strategy, how do you know your marketing is in the right place, appealing to the right audience and being shown at the optimal time? A strategy reduces the time spent playing the guessing game and more time getting ahead of the competition. We will ensure that you are prepared and informed of where to adapt when things change, and the tactics to apply to future marketing campaigns.

Our digital strategists will work with you to define the best direction for your digital marketing to ensure you are getting the best results. In a nutshell, we can;

  • Build your buyer personas
  • Intensive user research to identify what is currently working well for you, and what is not
  • Evaluate your existing digital marketing channels & assets including owned, earned & paid media
  • Define your online brand strategy
  • Identify and set your digital goals and the digital marketing tools you’ll need
  • Audit and plan your owned, earned and paid media
  • Bring it all together in one actionable digital marketing plan!

We know that an integrated digital marketing strategy works best, but we can also audit and strategise for specific elements of digital marketing such as your search strategy, or social media strategy.


  • What type of businesses need a digital marketing strategy?

    Any business that wants to increase their online presence and meet their marketing goals needs an effective digital marketing strategy. As the internet has become the preferred way for consumers to research and buy products and services, businesses need digital strategies to be found online. If your business is not sure where to start, contact our digital marketing strategy Brisbane and Gold Coast experts for a free consultation.

  • Why do businesses need a digital marketing strategy?

    Without a digital marketing strategy, a business lacks clear direction and strategic obtainable goals. This makes it difficult to allocate resources to marketing activities and even more difficult to determine whether the current marketing tactics are successful. A solid digital marketing strategy takes the guesswork out of what’s working and helps a business get ahead of their competitors.

  • How can digital marketing help to promote a product/service?

    From SEO to paid advertising, digital strategies help your products and services appear online in front of your targeted audience, whether using Google or social media. Our Brisbane digital strategies team has worked with various businesses to help them promote their products and services through effective online strategies and channels. 

  • What is included in a digital marketing strategy?

    Pivotal Agency takes a case-by-case approach to formulating digital marketing strategies. We find that the best way to help businesses achieve their marketing goals is understanding their objectives, requirements and challenges. Depending on the plan our Gold Coast digital marketing strategists customise for your business, some strategies we might implement include: 

    • Defining your online brand strategy
    • Conducting user research to understand what is currently working and what isn’t
    • Auditing and planning paid media campaigns 
  • How can my digital marketing strategy be improved?

    Our Gold Coast digital strategy team will work with you to examine your existing strategies and make necessary alterations and suggestions based off your challenges and goals as part of our services. An effective digital strategy comes down to having a clear plan, using the right mediums for your targeted audience and staying on top of the latest best practices. 

  • How do you implement a digital marketing strategy?

    We must first understand your goals and requirements to provide effective digital marketing solutions for your business. We can then create and implement tailored digital marketing strategies. Contact us today for a no-obligation strategy session if you want to discover how Pivotal Agency can transform your digital marketing strategy.

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