House of Heat.

The Challenge

House of Heat had their internal design team produce a modern look and feel for their successful Wordpress website, and required a development team to build the fresh experience. Over 90% of their site's traffic was hit by mobile devices, so the new design was focused heavily on being light and legible. Keeping users engaged and within the House of Heat platform was the ultimate goal of the rebuild, so all development considerations were to be focused around this.

The Solution

The new Wordpress theme was built from scratch, to be fast, flexible and mobile first. Front-end development strategies such as lazy loading assets, code minification and content delivery networks, plus backend best practice such as full page cache and offloading database results to memcached drastically improved performance. Understanding the effect of social media's "infinite scrolling", this feature was built into the site so that users would continually be served new articles as they reached the end of the current. Finally, numerous Wordpress custom post types and fields were created to improve the backend authoring experience for the various blog writers.


  • UI/UX consultation
  • Development of custom designed, mobile-first Wordpress theme
  • AWS consulation with CDN configuration
  • Advanced Wordpress performance optimisation
  • Infinite scrolling theme
  • Data migration