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Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

Do you remember the days when companies practised keyword stuffing? You identified the keywords pertinent to your business and simply shoved them on your website as many times as possible - just like that, your SEO was done. That is still the case, right? Wrong.

The internet is a rapidly changing space, and the way SEO campaigns and website indexing works evolves with it just as quickly. But there is still a bit of confusion about the link between SEO campaigns and content marketing - and the two do go together quite nicely.

Here’s the breakdown: SEO makes the demands and content marketing fulfils those demands. SEO does not exist without content. You need words, substance, keywords, verbiage, and articles that strategically use those keywords. This leads us to the importance of content marketing, which is strategically funnelling your keyword research into its practical application.

Content marketing is a verb - it requires ongoing action. Think of this as part of your overall user experience. Good content allows your user to easily navigate and share your content, just like a good site map would.
If you know SEO, then you are familiar with how websites get indexed on the web. The older and lower-value your content, the lower down on the list you go.

So, to maintain good SEO and continuously improve your website ranking, you must continuously provide your audience and the search engines with fresh content, thoughtful content, and backlinks. The strategic use of keywords and backlinks will prove to the search engines that your content is reliable and useful to your audience, and will help you establish a reputable voice.

Our team is up to date with all of the latest SEO and content marketing trends, and we want to help your business achieve a better website ranking today. We know the importance of marrying your content marketing strategy to your SEO campaign, and we’re ready to do the legwork for you. Contact our team today to get started.

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