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Content Marketing Rules You Must Know

For many businesses, content marketing is a maze whose precious secrets only few people know. While its true creativity and innovativeness is rewarded, there are hard and fast rules you need to follow. These five capital content marketing rules apply to everyone who wants to have a successful campaign. You only break them at your own risk.

Create a strategy and document it

The first rule of effective content strategy is laying the groundwork. Get the team together and brainstorm, research, and eventually build a content strategy for your campaign. It will direct every other effort made toward this campaign.

Funnel your audience

A content funnel is a must for every business, organisation, and individual who is working toward conversion. From the time a potential lead first comes across your content to the time when they become a valuable lead, you need to put in the work to create an engaging funnel. Having the right content marketing guidelines will help you do this.

Measure you success against your goals and KPIs

There are many ways to measure the success and effectiveness of content, but only a portion of these are relevant to you. Always measure how your content is performing to get actionable insights on how to improve your content.

Create unique content

Never copy content from other sites. It is okay to get inspiration from them, but always craft your own content. Not only is unique content valuable in engaging your consumers, plagiarism is a capital sin as far as content marketing is concerned. Creative content ideas are everywhere, only if you are bold enough to look for them. Sometimes, even your old content needs a fresh spin to appeal to new consumers.

Balance innovativeness and consistency

Big names such as Coca Cola and Nike will teach you that brand consistency across your content is key to creating a loyal base. However, it pays to go off the beaten track for a while and explore new opportunities. Learn how to maintain a perfect balance between the two.

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