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Which CMS Should I Use?

Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer to this question. There are plenty of different Content Management Systems available and they all have their unique features, benefits & disadvantages. Some of the most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and Squarespace.

In order to determine which CMS is most suitable for your project, you first need to plan your project & determine the goals and requirements. Once you have a clear understanding of what your project needs to do and what you are trying to achieve you can select the most appropriate CMS for your project. It's extremely important that this approach is taken as otherwise you may end up trying to adapt your project to your CMS which can affect the success of the project.

Here at Pivotal we generally utilise WordPress, Magento and and a custom crafted CMS solution built on Laravel. We typically utilise WordPress for marketing websites or basic eCommerce solutions, Magento for larger eCommerce solutions and well established retailers and our custom crafted CMS for complex web applications. To determine which solution will suit your project we start with a strategy and scoping phase where we ask questions like:

  • Will you be selling products online?
  • Do you have specific business processes we need to mould the solution around?
  • Will there be member portals required with different levels of membership and access?
  • Who will be using the CMS and how much control do you need over the website?
  • What is your budget for the project?

Based on your answers to questions like these we can suggest the most suitable platform and provide a proposal outlining the project features, requirements, budget and timeline.

To broadly answer the question, if your project is a simple marketing website, blog or basic online store you probably want WordPress or Shopify. If you’re looking to develop a website with member portals, complex functionality and user interaction you probably need something more bespoke and flexible. If you are looking for a high end eCommerce solution that is flexible and full featured, Magento is probably the best CMS for the job. To find out exactly which CMS is best for your project, have a chat to us and we can determine the best fit for your project.

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Mitch Ellems

Sales & Strategy Director

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