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When is it time to rebuild your website?

Clients often ask me how long a website should last and whether they should be thinking about a website redevelopment. In general we find that websites last around 3-5 years before they start to look outdated or technology has changed significantly enough to warrant a rebuild but there isn't really a one size fits all answer. Rather than redeveloping a website just for the sake of it (unfortunately plenty of developers will do this) we prefer to look at the reasons why a redevelopment may or may not be a good idea and then make an educated recommendation.

The first step in this process is a strategy session to find out more about your business and what you currently have in place. The decision from there may be fairly clear cut but if not we would move onto a website audit phase. During this phase we would look at how your website has been built, what flaws there are with it and what improvements could be achieved from a redevelopment. We would achieve this by reviewing the website code and CMS, reviewing your Google Analytics data and by implementing user tracking tools like Hotjar to track your users experience on your website.

After completing this phase we would either recommend a complete rebuild and start a more detailed strategy phase to determine the project requirements or we would present our recommendations to upgrade and improve your current website. In summary, the only way to truly answer the question "When is it time to rebuild my website?" is to first look at the primary motivators for asking the question and review what you currently have in place. Skipping this process and redeveloping for the sake of it can mean your wasting valuable budget that could be better used driving more traffic to your website or converting leads you are receiving.

Are wondering if it's time to rebuild your website? Get in touch to organise an obligation free catch up & strategy session.

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Mitch Ellems

Sales & Strategy Director

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