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What Skills Do I Need to Be a Content Strategist?

A content strategist takes the role of an information architect. They are the person who sees the big picture and directs the efforts of the content marketing team towards achieving that goal. In a content strategist role, you need to understand the specific pain points that you are addressing, how to address them in your content, how to put that content out there, and how to measure its effectiveness.

You are the thinker for the team, the driver, and the person who delivers measurable results. You need to be a creative content architect to implement a good, effective content architecture. Thus, here are the top skills you need to become a competent content strategist.

In-Depth Understanding of Great Content

Ideally, a content strategist must be a superb copywriter as well. Even if you outsource that task of crafting content to others, you need to know what makes the content produced tick. How will it appeal to your target group? How will they respond?


Also called storytelling, this is the ability to create a rapport with your consumers. Nobody wants to be sold to; at least, not openly. They want engaging content, with unique personas and consistent voicing. It is the role of a content strategist to create good information architecture which will help even the most sales-oriented content sound fun.


Most content is geared toward converting the consumer toward a unique goal, not necessarily buying. A good content strategist knows how to create an effective sales funnel out of the content marketing campaign. This requires amazing information architecture skills to help inject intent and direction into your content.

X-Ray Vision

Many good writers can create fantastic content, but it is only a content strategist who can see the big picture. They will be able to create the right content information architecture that every team member can adhere to, which ultimately delivers the big picture.

Creative problem-solving

Content marketing is one job description where improvisation and creativity are needed to solve unique problems. Online marketing is like the wild west of business where almost anything goes. A creative content strategist is needed to figure out innovative solutions to unique problems.

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