Consulting & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Digital Strategies & Consultants.

In addition to SEO, Pay-Per-Click and Social Media advertising services, Pivotal provides its clients global digital strategy consulting. Our premiere strategy solution integrates a plan for all online marketing channels (Direct, Organic, Paid, Referral & Social) with conversion rate optimisation that truly engages website traffic; transforming visitors into customers and brand advocates.

 Our Web Design Services

Initial Strategy Development

  • Comprehensive keyword research that accurately identifies the true size of an online search market (both domestically and internationally by region)
  • Clearly documented competitor audits that identify position (including AdWords campaigns, SEO rankings and traffic flows), weak spots, unique tactics and pathways for acquiring significant market share
  • Holistic strategy document describing each digital marketing channel and conversion funnel step
  • Detailed 12-month traffic, digital equity (very useful for online brand & IP-valuation purposes) and revenue-growth model in user-friendly spreadsheet form

 Ongoing CRO Inclusions

  • Custom visitor funnel definition that greatly facilitates measuring user experience and identifying conversion sticking points
  • Setup of Google Analytics goals to reflect each step of the custom visitor conversion funnel
  • 'Executive-summary' metrics dashboard that allows management to quickly and easily confirm progress of all digital growth objectives (without digging through Google Analytics) at reporting intervals of their choosing
  • Initial training (via PowerPoint presentations) and ongoing briefing sessions with our Digital Marketing Specialist to review strategy execution progress


  • Realistic digital growth objectives based on hard data and backed up by a detailed plan of action
  • Invaluable insight into competitor's strategies
  • Dramatically increased user experience based on understanding of users' behaviour through the visitor funnel
  • Activation and conversion of as much traffic as possible
  • Systematic approach for acquiring market share with clear knowledge of digital marketing costs and easy-to-use progress tracking model