Email Marketing.

Nearly half of all Internet users access their email account daily. This gives you a prime opportunity to deliver a tailored and specific direct marketing message to qualified existing and prospective customers. Email marketing is a low-cost, highly effective way of broadcasting your marketing messages and directing traffic to your website. It is also particularly useful for building brand relationships with your customers, increasing your customers' lifetime value and generating referrals. Pivotal can also help you to create stunning graphic email templates for your email marketing campaigns and create and implement a strategy to ensure your ideal outcomes are met.

Pivotal's powerful and simple to use MailHQ software has a number of unique tools to help make your email marketing campaign more successful than ever:

  • Full delivery and click through reports
  • Manage bounce back and invalid emails
  • Target e-mails based on criteria and demographics
  • Personalisation (eg. Hi Name)
  • Word like editor to create content
  • Newsletter generator plugin for SiteHQ to easily incorporate blogs & products
  • Automatic subscribe / unsubscribe management
  • Import subscribers from Excel (CSV)
  • Customisable database fields
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Email marketing has long been a way for companies to keep their customers in the loop, follow up with questions, find new customers and offer promotions or discounts. It's one way to reward your loyal customers for all they do and entice new people to try your products. But, starting an email marketing campaign in Brisbane can be confusing, and this is where Pivotal Agency comes in. 

Get Quality Email Marketing on the Gold Coast from Pivotal Agency 

Building an email list, remembering to send out periodic messages to your list, keeping it up-to-date and getting new people to join can be time-consuming, especially if you just started out. However, we have a team of email marketing experts at Pivotal Agency, and we're happy to create a custom email list just for your business. 

We'll start with coming up with a campaign to entice people to sign up. This could be a simple link on the bottom of their receipts, or your staff could ask if they'd like to join. When they do, we can set up incentives like discounts or information about special sales to keep them interested and subscribed to your email marketing campaign in Brisbane

Our staff can also craft eye-catching headlines and email body content to entice your subscribers to check their emails regularly. All of these small pieces help to ensure you get an email marketing campaign that helps you retain your loyal customer base that only grows as time goes by. 

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Are you ready to set up your own email marketing campaign? Maybe you have questions about our services or expertise. Either way, we can't wait to hear from you! Contact us to set up your free strategy consultation today!