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Whitehat SEO vs Blackhat SEO: What’s the Difference?

Whitehat SEO vs Blackhat SEO: What’s the Difference?

You've most likely heard of SEO techniques, and you probably incorporate them into your own websites and content. But, you may not know black hat SEO techniques or white hat SEO techniques, and it's essential to know the differences between the two as well. Knowing what they are can help you perfect your SEO technique and avoid getting penalised by Google. 

White Hat SEO Techniques vs. Black Hat SEO Techniques 

The difference between these two techniques is as far apart as black and white. In the simplest terms, if you utilise white hat SEO techniques in your website, your SEO strategy closely follows Google's set rules. In particular, white hat SEO techniques focus on creating relevant and quality content for your website. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you have black hat SEO techniques. When you use black hat SEO, you bend and outright break Google's rules in order to rise higher in the search engine rankings at a faster clip. However, Google put harsh penalties in place for people who get caught using these techniques. 

Black Hat SEO Techniques 

You may wonder what are black hat SEO techniques, and you wouldn't be alone. You have to know the most common ones in order to avoid using them on your own site. They include: 

Featuring Unrelated Keywords - Sticking keywords into your content that have no reverence to your content is a big red flag to most search engines. For example, say your content is all about dogs. If you added something like, "Paris Hilton would use this for her own dogs," you're baiting the search engines by incorporating an unrelated celebrity's name. 

Creating Doorway Pages - A doorway page is exactly what it sounds like. They're fake pages that you load with a ton of different keywords to get people to click it and search engines to pick it up. But, when your customers click it, it "opens a door" and takes them to entirely unrelated pages.  

White Hat SEO Techniques 

What are white hat SEO techniques? Knowing the most important ones can help you boost your rankings without any penalties from the search engines. 

Creating Quality Content - Writing quality content that makes sense and relates to your product or service is a good practice. You want to create link-worthy and share-worthy content that has no spelling errors, is highly relevant to your niche, and easy to read. 

Meta Descriptions - A meta description is the first few sentences that display when people pull up your page in the organic search results. Don't stuff them with keywords, and write them for people instead of search engines. 

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