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The 3 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

The 3 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

While there are arguably hundreds of marketing tactics available for companies to utilise, advertising through social media is one of the few that can bring you consistent sales starting from the first day you use it.

The best social media advertising uses ads to target users on various social media platforms. Social media networks take the user's browsing history to display very relevant advertisements. This can lead to a significant increase in conversions at a relatively low cost, and we're going to outline the most effective social media marketing tactics in 2019.

  1. Facebook
    With over two billion monthly users, Facebook hosts over one-quarter of the world's population. In turn, you'll be able to reach just about anyone throughout the world with a well-placed ad. In particular, Facebook does extremely well with lead generation. Advertisers use whitepapers, ebooks, discounts, coupons, giveaways, and limited-time offers as content in their social media campaigns.

    It's extremely popular due to the lower costs to advertise across the platform compared to the potential for profits. It's not unusual to spend less than $1.00 per lead, and you can combine this with Facebook's autoresponder to introduce any potential clients to your brand and nurture these leads.

  2. Instagram
    Instagram also has hundreds of millions of monthly users, and you can use it to quickly and easily grow your brand. The "Follow Hashtag" and "Suggestions for You" tools show you what your customers liked and followed. You'll get a very strong organic reach when you use Instagram, and this is great for smaller companies with lower advertising budgets.

    You're able to quickly share content like videos or photos through the platform, and this can help your customers remember your brand. If you create visually appealing content, you can incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

  3. LinkedIn
    If you're looking for B2B marketing, LinkedIn is an essential platform to use. Advertising through social media continues to evolve, and LinkedIn is no exception. It's exploded in popularity recently, and it's a hub for business people and companies. You'll encounter people with higher disposable incomes on this site, and it'll allow you to build quality leads in different sectors.

    You can target your ads by age, location, seniority, company size, company type, skills, and education. The goal is to create ad campaigns that effectively solve problems that working people have. You also want to reach as many groups of people as you possibly can when you create your various ad campaigns.

Do You Want to Improve Your Social Media Advertising Campaign?

Now that you understand social media advertising effectiveness, it's time to put your own campaign into effect. If you'd like help putting coming up with a strong social media advertising campaign, contact us. Our team are ready and willing to help you get the conversions your business needs today!

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