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Make Sure Your Website is Optimised For Search

Almost all companies are using the internet to conduct business online. Google My Business has made it easier than ever to raise your company’s visibility online by showing your company’s profile whenever users are searching for businesses like yours.

But in order to be competitive in the world of online sales, lead generation and marketing, your website has to be set up correctly and optimised for search. Just as a house has to have a level foundation in order for the rest of construction to proceed error-free, so too does your website. Making sure your website is optimised for search engines will ensure you get the best visibility possible at the earliest stage of your websites lifecycle.

As a local business, using a Gold Coast SEO services company can help get your website in perfect order. Below are three important elements that an SEO agency will look at to make sure your website is easily found by people searching for your products or services:

Raise Your Ranking by Improving Your Linking Structure

A good SEO agency can make your products and services more visible to potential customers or clients by optimising your internal linking structure. The three main benefits of this practice are:

  • It aids in navigating your website
  • It distributes the page authority and ranking power through the entire website
  • It defines the architecture and hierarchy of your website

Google’s ranking bots will have more avenues to access the specific keywords that lead customers to your website’s products and services. And this is an important factor in not only giving more visibility to those products and services but in also raising the ranking of your website overall.

Optimise Your URLs, Title Tags, Headers, Meta Descriptions and Content

Every separate page on your website has its own URL. All the content on the page should be set up properly to give you the best advantage to attract users who are searching for your specific products and services.

By inserting high-volume search terms into the all of these facets of your pages, you have a higher chance of attracting customers to your website. It’s like casting a wider net across the internet.

Make Sure You Include Location Pages on Your Website

Nowadays, it’s not sufficient just to include your address in your content. You have to take the extra step by including a separate page for your location. If you have multiple locations, you need to add a page for each of them.

Every location page should include your NAP (name, address and phone number) as well as any other information that would enable users to access your location more easily - opening hours, public transit information, local landmarks, etc.

Including a Google map on your location page also provides an instant boost to your ranking and should be included to make it easier on customers looking up your location on a mobile device.

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Scott McCluskey

Digital Marketing Manager

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