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Development Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

Development Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

For anyone who has ever dreamed of building their own app, it's never been easier, but this doesn't always mean that it's the best solution. Many platforms are now allowing individuals to build mobile apps, that is if you're prepared to commit a little time and you know where to look. This ease of access means that almost anyone can build a mobile app but it doesn't always mean it is the best option. With millions of apps available across a number of different platforms, it has never been more competitive to gain a strong presence in the mobile application industry. 

To ensure success with your mobile app we always recommend getting in touch with an experienced and reputable mobile app developer. Not only will this allow you to create a bespoke app with completely customised functions, but it also means you have a team available to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise. 

Although having great functionality, many of the platforms available aren't perfect and don't have all of the features and security a business may need when building a custom mobile application. 

Some of the platforms that are now available to build apps are:

  1. Appery.io 
    If you want a cloud-based mobile app platform, look no further than Appery. This platform allows you to create apps for Android and iOS. You get built-in components like jQuery Mobile, Apache Cordova, and Ionic. It comes with drag-and-drop components and a visual editor but this does mean it is limited in its functions. It's cloud-based which means that there's nothing to download and install to get started straight away.
  2. Good Barber 
    This platform allows you to build iOS and Android apps. You'll get access to several design templates, and it also gives you immediate access to Google Fonts. You can optimise this app for tablets, desktop and mobile, however, you are limited in your design capabilities.

  3. Appy Pie 
    Appy Pie is a mobile application builder that allows you to build an app without any coding knowledge, however, limited in its function. Once you finish, you'll automatically get an HTML-5 hybrid app that works with Windows, iOS, Android and more. An advantage of this program is that it allows you to monetise with ads, integrate social media, blogs and websites.
  4. BiznessApps 
    Create an app for a small business with BiznessApps. You get a user-friendly platform with features like a shopping cart, dynamic content, ordering, messages, reviews, third-party integrations, analytics, push notifications and much more. Although this platform has many functions, it can become quite complex.

  5. AppMakr
    This is a DIY platform for creating apps for iOS, Android and HTML5, if you have a little bit of knowledge. It allows you to make unlimited apps with no limit on updates and incorporate a host of features like high quality photo galleries, video streaming, music, Google Maps, chat rooms and in-app shopping. You'll get a centralised dashboard to monitor all of your apps.

  6. Mobile Roadie 
    If you like visuals when you create something, Mobile Roadie is the mobile app platform for you. You can create Android or iOS apps, and it supports all media types including, Google News Keywords and Twitter. The app will automatically refresh your fan wall to allow for real-time communication, and the app will guide you through the process of submitting the app to the App store. 

Contact Pivotal Agency for Mobile Development Platforms Today! 

Here at Pivotal Agency, we create fully customisable mobile apps for a range of businesses. We always recommend having a trusted team behind any app development project to ensure you don't limit your success. 

Looking at building a mobile app for your business? Maybe you'd like additional information or a little help from our team? Either way, you can reach out and get in touch with us today! We're happy to help you build the perfect app! 

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