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3 Helpful Ideas: WordPress Friendly Plugins for SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a key strategy in any business' marketing plan - and WordPress plugins can be a huge part of that strategy. SEO tactics help you rank higher in search engines for key search terms. Ultimately, how high you rank is decided by the search engines themselves based on their ranking factors (Google has over 200).

Search engines want to see that you provide users with a great experience once they land on your website. They determine this by factors that include time on page, time on the website, loading website speed and bounce rate. If you have a WordPress site, one easy step to help your overall SEO score is to install WordPress plugins that focus on SEO initiatives. Take a look at the top three WordPress SEO plugins you should consider.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is probably the most popular SEO plugin out there. Yoast makes SEO easy by scanning your content and highlighting areas for improvement. Some of the more interesting features are:

  • A readability analysis for your content that tells you if your sentences are too long or if you're using complex language or too much passive voice
  • Internal linking suggestions that help you build a stronger web map
  • Six-month reminders for important pages you haven't updated so your content doesn't become outdated

Yoast offers a free plugin and a paid version. The features mentioned above come with the paid version, which is more robust and worth the cost.

2. WP-Optimize: A Simple WordPress Plugin

You need a safe, quick, and clean site to attract users. WP-Optimize, one of the best free plugins out there, is made to clean up your WordPress site. This plugin runs in the background to clean your database, compress images and cache pages.

3. AMP for WP

A crucial element to SEO is ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website. AMP for WP makes your website faster for mobile users. Its features include:

  • A custom Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) editor that lets you override your content on a page so it shows up differently for mobile
  • Mobile redirection
  • A drag-and-drop mobile page builder

Start with these WordPress SEO plugins to boost your SEO and increase your web traffic.

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